Various routes with distances

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My house > Tanager> Coles> past trailside, through circle towards Summit( before circle is a rotary sign, that is 1.5 miles> past stables> past Sylvan (this is 2.1 miles)>make right at light, summit road, go down hill, first right (from light to right is 0.68 miles)> make right, quick left> till central, make right, then quick left> make right on New Providence, back to 2651  deer path 5.6 miles ( Summit road hill is  .68 miles and fairly steep.)
My house > Glenside>Park>Parkwood (first left after JCC,go to top of hill, come back)> back towards W. Broad> make R> South ave make R> Make R Summit Ave> go to Montauk and Make > till end make L of Rahway> To Faulkner make left> Summit ave make Right>  at end go right and go around circle, back on summit Ave> make R on Ayliffe> till end, make R on Central> Virginia> Boynton> Georgia> Shetland (go around circle)> Chester lang > make l on Walnut> make right on Blake, go around circle, make right on Walnut>Make Right on Lincoln, stay till near end, make left at car wash onto south> Right on Centennial> right on North> left on Forrest>R on North Union> Left on Claremont>left on prospect—past Sperry Park> make Right >>go downtown till North, make right on milne> make left on Alden>right on holly>>right orchard> left on brookside> right on gallows hill> right on E broad>Left on Woodacres>>>cross highway>>up the hill and home. 20 miles
My house>>Tanager>>Summit Rd>>Make right>>>first right is Henkel (dead end for cars not for runners)>>first left is Short Ave>>>go to wyoming>> head home 5.6 miles