BBBY Intrinsic Value this page is 26.90


On this page, notice how i changed a few items and the results are quite different. I changed the following

Revenues to 4560.

Growth Rate to 10 %

Shares O/S to 303.5

Depreciation Rate down to 2.0 %

I left most else the same and didnt really look real close at the differences.

Intrinsic value goes down from default of 56.85 and from 15 % growth rate intrinsic value of 36.63 to 26.90 with a 10% growth rate.

Online Valuation for BBBY – 8 / 6 / 2003

Intrinsic Stock Value               

Excess Return Period (yrs)     Depreciation Rate (% of Rev)   

Revenues ($mil)                      Investment Rate (% of Rev)     

Growth Rate (%)                      Working Capital (% of Rev)      

Net Oper. Profit Margin (%)      Short-Term Assets ($mil)         

Tax Rate (%)                             Short-Term Liab. ($mil)           

Stock Price ($)                           Equity Risk Premium (%)        

Shares Outstanding (mil)           Company Beta                        

10-Yr Treasury Yield (%)            Value Debt Out. ($mil)            

Bond Spread Treasury (%)         Value Pref. Stock Out. ($mil)  

Preferred Stock Yield (%)            Company WACC (%)