Brookfield Asset Management Inc.

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Brookfield Asset Management Miscellaneous
8.950% Notes due 2014
Short Form Base Shelf Prospectus US$1B, filed on January 12, 2009

Brookfield Properties Corp.  Miscellaneous

Trizec Purchase and Filing of 6-K/A on December 11, 2006

Brookfield Homes

Response to SEC Comment Letter on June 30, 2009

BPO Properties Ltd., 

2009 Annual Report
2009 Renewal Annual Information Form
2008 Annual Report
2008 Renewal Annual Information Form
2007 Annual Report
2007 Management Discussion and Analysis
2007 Renewal Annual Information Form

Brookfield Multiplex

Brascan Residential Properties SA

Canary Wharf Stuff

Songbird Estates PLC (they own 61% of Canary Wharf)  I think BAM owns 16% of Canary Wharf as of 4/29/08.  I could be incorrect.
SongBird Estates PLC
Canary Wharf Investor Relations

Brookfield Real Estate Services

Brookfield Renewable Power, Inc. – 100% wholly owned by Brookfield Asset Management as of April 29, 2008. As Of March 2008, Power Inc and Power Corp below have been joined together.

Great Lakes Hydro Income Fund

Brookfield Renewable Power Inc (Operating Company)

Q1 Q2 Q3 Annual Financials
2009 05/07/09   MD&A 2009 Financial Statements        MD&A
2008 05/15/08   MD&A 6/30/08   MD&A 11/14/08   MD&A 3/3/09 MD&A  Renewal Annual Information Form
2007 5/15/07     MD&A 2/29/08   MD&A 2/28/08    MD&A 2/29/08       MD&A
2006 5/12/06     MD&A 8/14/06   MD&A 11/14/06  MD&A 3/30/07       MD&A
2005 5/27/05     MD&A 8/15/05   MD&A 11/14/05   MD&A 4/04/06       MD&A
2004 5/17/04     MD&A 8/13/04   MD&A 11/14/04   MD&A 03/31/05     MD&A      Annual Filing
2003 1Q03 2Q03 3Q03 05/17/04     MD&A      Annual Filing        Annual Report
2002 1Q02 2Q02 3Q02 04/23/03     MD&A      Annual Filing         Annual Report
2001 1Q01 2Q01 3Q01 2001 Financial Statement
2000 Annual Report   2000 Financial Statement  MD&A
Sale of BRPI Renewable Assets to Great Lakes Hydro – Short Form Prospectus 7/16/09
$300M 6.132% Notes, Series 6 due 2016 (supplement to 7/28/08 prospectus) 11/29/09
Debt Securities Shelf Prospectus of US$750M dated 7/28/08 7/28/08
Purchase of Power Assets from Reliant and Orion 5/18/05
Business Acquisition Report of Upstate NY Operations 9/28/04

Brookfield Power Corporation (not an Operating Company) Amalgamated into BRP 3/08

Q1 Q2 Q3 Annual Financials Renewal Annual Information
2007 5/17/07     MD&A 8/14/07   MD&A 11/14/07    MD&A 2/20/08            MD&A 3/7/08
2006 5/12/06     MD&A 8/14/06   MD&A 11/14/06    MD&A 3/30/07            MD&A 3/30/07  Filing  discusses coverage ratios
2005 5/27/05     MD&A 8/14/05   MD&A 11/14/05    MD&A 4/04/06            MD&A
2004 4/29/05            MD&A

Brookfield Power Miscellaneous Stuff

Sale of Prince Wind and Pingston Hydro to Great Lakes Hydro – Business Acquisition Report 5/7/09
Supplement to $150,000,000  5.84% MEDIUM TERM NOTES, SERIES 4 DUE 2036 10/31/06
$200,000,000 5.25% MEDIUM TERM NOTES, SERIES 3 DUE 2018 10/31/06
BROOKFIELD POWER CORPORATION $450,000,000 Medium Term Notes 10/30/06
BROOKFIELD POWER CORPORATION $450,000,000 Underwriting Agreement 10/30/06
Brookfield Power and Great Lakes Hydro Code of Conduct 4/07/06

Bam Investments Corp.- Provides holders with a leveraged way of owning Brookfield Asset Management (BAM).

2008 Annual Report Annual Information Form
2007 Annual Report Annual Information Form
2006 Annual Report Annual Information Form
2005 Annual Report Annual Information Form

BAM Split Corp

2009 Semi AR 3/09
2008 Annual Report

Brookfield Investments Corporation (Formerly Brascade Corporation) –  Holds investments in the forest products and property sectors, as well as a portfolio of preferred shares issued by companies within the Brookfield Asset Management group.

2008 Annual Report      RAIF
2007 Annual Report
2006 Annual Report
2005 Annual Report

Fraser Papers

2008 Annual Report   MD&A

First Place Tower Brookfield Properties

2009 1Q09 FS   1Q09MA
2008 Annual Report

Western Forest Products

2008 Annual Report

West Street Capital Corporation

2009 1Q09 FS
2008 Annual Report


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