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Graphs of housing prices from the 1800's
New Home Sales from US Census Bureau
Monthly Existing Home Sales
National Association of Realtors
Housing Starts from US Census Bureau
House Price Index
Housing Tracker Site - I am not familiar with the validity
Housing Bubble Blog
Housing Doom Bubble Blog
Northern NJ Blog on Housing bubble
Otteau Appraisal Group - interesting info on NJ real estate
Central Jersey POS house blog
Calculated Risk Blog   
Matrix - Interpreting real estate economy
Inman Real Estate News -  nice site for articles
NY Times Real Estate Blog
WSJ Real Estate Journal

























Some Articles



June 22, 2005 -  The Economist special report titled, "The Global Housing Boom"

March 2, 2005 Real Estate and The Business Cycle -  Interesting essay by Fred Foldvary on June 13, 1991

December 6, 2004  Piggington on SanDiego real estate mania  - interesting graphs (adobe required)

May 21, 2004  "Housing Deflating in Australia?" 

April 12, 2004 Business Week article about Adjustable Rate Mortgages and a potential bubble

April 2004 Washington Monthly discusses views on why the author thinks home prices are about to plummet.


Our Views


Our grid on how much a home will cost monthly - last updated July 11, 2006 (notice the increased cost of ownership)

Our views of a potential housing bubble  - Last updated April 16, 2004