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Notes to Benjamin Graham's book “Security Analysis” 6th edition February 26, 2013
Notes to Benjamin Graham's book, "The Intelligent Investor"  (notes written around 1998) March 4, 2014
Common Sense Investing:  The Papers of Benjamin Graham 1974 February 28, 2013
Graham and Dodd and Modern Financial Analysis.” Presented and written by Joseph Calandro, Jr. December 15, 2011
10 Attributes of an Undervalued Stock February 28, 2013
Graham Dodd P/E Matrix November 1, 2011
Speech given on November 15, 1963 by Ben Graham titled, 'Security in an Insecure World' September 8,2011
'The Simplest Way to Select Bargain Stocks'  - using Benjamin Graham methods 9/20/76 Medical Economics May 2, 2011
A Study of Market History and Valuation through Graham and Buffett and Others - Editorial Comments by: September 17, 2010
Graham - Newman letters to shareholders September 26, 2006